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Press Release
"We support the efforts towards the reunification of Cyprus." (Nicolas Schmit)

Date of release : 26-01-2005

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

In Brussels on 26 January, Nicolas Schmit, the Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs, received Mehmet Ali Talat, the political leader of the Turkish Cypriot community.

Their talks centred on EU initiatives for the reunification of the island, which include two regulation projects on financial assistance and trade.

These two projects proposed by the European Commission are aimed at supporting the economic and social development of the northern part of Cyprus in order to put an end to the isolation of that part of the island.

During the talks, Nicolas Schmit stated that: "We need to resume talks on restarting the process of reunification of Cyprus. The EU should inject into this process the spirit of cooperation and dialogue that forms the basis of the EU. European integration is based on the mutual determination of the states and nations of Europe to move beyond the divisions of the past and to look towards the future. The Luxembourg Presidency will seek to encourage the parties to work together towards this aim. The keys to success in this respect are a pragmatic approach and the search for a compromise."

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