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Media Service

Welcome to the Media Service of the Luxembourg Presidency !

The task of the Media Service section is to inform journalists on a daily basis. Various kinds of information, documents and services are readily accessible.

Media Service

In this section, the following services are offered:

In addition, you can find here information about accommodation in Luxembourg.


The Calendar section is a key tool of the Presidency website. You will find here, on a daily basis, information about meetings taking place during the Luxembourg Presidency. If you select the detail of a meeting in the Calendar, you will find all the documents related to this meeting.


Photos of Presidency events are available for download in high resolution. There is also the possibility to download Luxembourg photos in the section called "About Luxembourg".


All press releases, speeches, Presidency-related interviews and documents related to the various ministerial meetings can be found in the "News" section.

For further information, please consult the Press contact section.


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