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Information for the media
Accreditation procedure for the councils taking place in June in Luxembourg and for the European Council in Brussels (16-17 June 2005)

Date of release : 01-06-2005

Policy area :

1) Accreditation for the formal councils taking place in Luxembourg in June

Media representatives will have access to the Kiem Conference Centre according to the same rules than those in application for the access to the Justus Lipsius Building of the Council in Brussels:

-Journalists and technicians already accredited at the European Institutions:

Presscard of the Commission (yellow card with the letter « P » for the journalists, pink card mentioning « Press technique » for technicians).
Otherwise an identity document is required.

-Journalists and technicians who are not accredited at the European Institutions:

• a valid national identity document or a passport, for nationals from EU member states
• a passport for nationals from other states
• a valid presscard or an original letter from the newspaper’s editorial office signed by the editor-in-chief, stating the professional status of the media representative

The letter from the editor-in-chief has to be dated no more than 7 days before the meeting and has to contain the following information:

• date
• name, address and phone number of the media organization
• name, address and phone number of the editor-in-chief
• name of the concerned media representative
• a reference to the identity document (passport or identity card) which will be shown at the accreditation desk

Each letter which doesn’t mention this required information or which isn’t an original document shall be refused.

-Press centre of the Kiem Conference Centre

The Luxembourg Presidency has decided to offer the same facilities to media representatives covering formal Councils in the Kiem Conference Centre than those covering informal meetings in the Conference Centre. Thus journalists are offered refreshments, catering as well as the costs of their telecommunications.This is an exceptional decision of the Council of the European Union and is limited to the 6 months of the Luxembourg Presidency (January-June 2005).We hope you will appreciate it.

-Parking for the media representatives

Media representatives may use the car parking of the shopping centre Auchan, situated very close to the Kiem Conference Centre. 80 parking spaces are reserved for the press at level -3. When you enter the parking, please take an entrance ticket at the barrier and keep it. It can be exchanged for a validated ticket at the « info-média » desk of the Kiem Conference Centre, so that parking will be free of charge for the media.

2) Accreditation for the European Council (Brussels, 16-17 June 2005)

Please submit an online accreditation request via the website of the Council of the European Union. Accreditation requests must be submitted before 7 June 2005, 8 p.m. Please contact the press office of the Council for further information.

3) Informal ministerial meetings

A specific online media accreditation of the Luxembourg Presidency is required for these meetings.

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