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February 2005

Background Note on the Economic and Financial Affairs Council - 17 February 2005
15-02-2005 • Working Document • Economic and Financial Affairs Economic and Financial Affairs

Background Note on the Education, Youth and Culture Council - 21 février 2005
16-02-2005 • Background Document • Education, Youth and Culture Education, Youth and Culture

Background note on the meeting of the General Affairs and External Relations Council - 21 February 2005
18-02-2005 • Background Document • General Affairs and External Relations

Background note on the meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs Council - 24 February 2005 (FR)
23-02-2005 • Background Document • Justice and Home Affairs Justice and Home Affairs

Background note on the meeting of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council - 28 February 2005 (FR)
24-02-2005 • Background Document • Agriculture and Fisheries Agriculture and Fisheries

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