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OSCE, Permanent Council No 549: EU Statement on Kyrgyzstan

Date of Speech : 07-04-2005

Place : Vienna

Speaker : Jacques Reuter, permanent representative of Luxembourg to the OSCE

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

The European Union thanks the Chairmanship for the report on developments in Kyrgyzstan and the way forward. The EU appreciates the quick reaction and the involvement of the CiO, who in addition to his own visit, sent out his Personal Representative and the Secretary General to Kyrgyzstan. We also thank the team in the OSCE Secretariat and the team of the Chair in Office here in Vienna for working together as an effective rapid reaction force. The EU also welcomes the current efforts of the Personal representative of the Chairman in Office who has been in Kyrgyzstan since Tuesday. In our view the OSCE has, until now, successfully fulfilled the role it is expected to play in a crisis situation in one of the participating countries. The events in Kyrgyzstan highlight the important role of the OSCE in supporting stability in the wider European region.  The EU hopes that all participating States will fully support the OSCE as the multilateral organisation best equipped to take the lead role in dealing with the situation in Kyrgyzstan

The European Union thanks Ambassador Müller and his team for their excellent and tireless work over the past two weeks. We take note of the further increase in the Centre’s workload and are prepared to explore ways to adapt the Centre’s resources to the new needs.

The European Union continues to monitor closely the evolution of the situation in Kyrgyzstan. We urge the newly appointed leaders to pursue a dialogue with all existing political forces, and to implement a policy of national reconciliation, in the long-term interest of stability and prosperity in Kyrgyzstan.

The European Union strongly encourages the new Kyrgyz leaders to act in full respect of democratic values and human rights. The European Union welcomes the decision by the Kyrgyz Parliament to hold presidential elections. The European Union notes that the credibility of the next President will depend upon the upcoming elections being held in a free and fair manner, in line with international standards. We highly appreciate the initiative taken by the OSCE Chairman, Minister Dimitrij Rupel, pledging the Organization’s full support to help Kyrgyzstan move towards stability, unity and democracy.

The European Union stands ready to strengthen its support and assistance to Kyrgyzstan within a framework of national and international co-ordination and co-operation. The OSCE - with its increased involvement in Kyrgyzstan as well as its ongoing work in neighbouring countries in Central Asia – is uniquely placed to offer such a framework, as has been demonstrated effectively during the last few weeks.

The European Union will support the OSCE in continuing to play a proactive role. We encourage the Chairman in Office to continue to take a visible lead in mediation, re-establishment as well as facilitation of dialogue and in co-ordination of international efforts to help Kyrgyzstan regain stability.

The EU stands ready to work together with the Kyrgyz authorities within the framework of the OSCE on areas of particular concern that should be addressed. In this context priority should be given to: security assistance and stability (including the Police Assistance Programme and the longer term Police Reform Programme), support for the electoral process, strengthening the rule of law, good governance, democratisation, work of the Parliament, civil society development, freedom of the media, ethnic minorities, economic co-operation and environmental challenges. In this regard, we welcome activities already under way and await further proposals to be made by the CiO as part of an interim needs assessment. Such proposals should be part of a co-ordinated approach in the context of a comprehensive assistance programme by the international community.

The European Union supports the Strategic Police Matters Unit in the process of setting up an interim programme adapted to needs on the ground. We appreciate that a team of ODIHR experts on elections and rule of law was deployed immediately on Kyrgyz request.

In conclusion, the European Union welcomes the decision of the Chair in Office to continue his talks in Kyrgyzstan and to work together with neighbouring countries in Central Asia to seek solutions. Deepening regional co-operation is indispensable for further enhancing peace, security and sustainable economic development in Central Asia

The Candidate Countries Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Croatia1 align themselves with this statement.

1Croatia continues to be part of the Stabilisation and Association Process

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