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Press Release
REACH: Presidency summarises debate in Environment Council

Date of release : 24-06-2005

Policy area : Environment Environment

Event : Environment Council

The Presidency summarised the debate in the Environment Council of 24 June 2005 in Luxembourg as follows:

"1. As regards the field of application of authorisation, the debate in the Council emphasised the importance of applying scientific and technical criteria when taking into account dangerous substances to be included in the authorisation regime.

2. While recalling the necessity of a manageable and practicable authorisation system, the orientation debate confirmed the largely positive attitude on the establishment of a list of candidate substances for the authorisation regime.

3. As regards taking into account technically and economically viable alternative technologies and substances in the framework of the authorisation system, the debate emphasised that the authorisation system was an important element of REACH that could contribute to the substitution of dangerous substances and that it was a matter of encouraging the consideration of alternative solutions before making a decision.

4. While recognising the merits with a view to stimulating the development of alternative solutions, the debate in the Council emphasised the importance of taking into account the specific constraints related to the use of substances during the application of authorisation conditions, without, however, excluding the possibility that these authorisations be subject to strict conditions, including time limits, review periods and monitoring conditions.

Finally, the Council reiterated the call for its preparatory bodies to proceed with the negotiations with a view to a political agreement following the assent of the European Parliament on all aspects of the proposal of the Commission, while taking well into account the intended balance between the international competitiveness of European industry and protecting the environment and human health."

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