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Press Release
European Agriculture ministers start off informal meeting with "on-site inspections"

Date of release : 09-05-2005

Policy area : Agriculture and Fisheries Agriculture and Fisheries

Event : Informal Meeting of Ministers for Agriculture

European ministers for Agriculture started off their informal meeting in Luxembourg on 09 May 2005 by visiting the village of Dickweiler in the East of the country.

There they were guided through several farms, and heard explanations regarding rural development initiatives, working methods under the Leader and Tellus Initiatives as well as on the quintessence of Luxembourg farming practices.

Members of FILL (Fördergemeinschaft Integrierte Landbewirtschaftung Luxemburg) provided the ministers, their delegates, members of the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA) and European agriculture journalists, with details on their integrated farming projects. 

Farmes showed off their Limousin live stock, a breed of bovines praised for its high quality meet. After completing this first "on-site inspection", guests were treated to a tasting of the local produce as well as products from two nature parks, ranging from herbal tea and biscuits to the typical Luxembourg meat salad.

In his welcome address, Fernand Boden, President in office of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, congratulated the members of CEJA on initiating the organisation of a European day of Agriculture and underlined the importance of Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) in strengthening the European Union. On the occasion of the the 60th anniversary of the end of the war and Europe Day, he said that the CAP "was the first real common policy right from the beginning, it is therefore the CAP that contributed to cementing the European reconstruction, which has grown continuously and still keeps growing. On Europe Day, the CAP therefore deserves special emphasis."

Ministers then continued towards the Moselle, were they visited a local winegrower's cooperative before tasting the "Cremant" produced by the same house.

After lunch on the Moselle, Fernand Boden and Octavie Modert, Secretary of State of Agriculture, Viticulture and Rural Development invited their ministerial colleagues and European Agriculure Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel, to an "on-site inspection" to the village Schengen, place of signature of the homonymous agreement, where they were greeted by school children from France, Germany and Luxembourg and shown a short film on Europe and Schengen.

On 10 May, Ministers and members of CEJA will jointly discuss "Farming in the future – a challenge for young farmers" at the CC Kiem on Kirchberg.

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