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Press Release
Jean-Louis Schiltz: "Sudan is the anti-tsunami"

Date of release : 11-04-2005

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

Luxembourg’s Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, Jean-Louis Schiltz, represented the European Union at the Sudan Donors’ Conference in Oslo, Norway on 11 April 2005.

In his address, Minister Schiltz stated that he was in favour of the prompt implementation of the North-South peace agreement signed in early January of this year. "We hope that this is the dawn of a new era in Sudan. The North-South peace agreement should also serve as a catalyst in Darfur. The violations of human rights and international humanitarian law must cease. Such violations must end now," the Minister stated.

During the conference, the different donor States announced new contributions for Sudan.

"Sudan is the anti-tsunami" the Minister repeated. "All of us welcomed the tremendous outpouring of solidarity for the tsunami early in the year. For Sudan, on the other hand, we observe that there is a serious lack of funding. However, given all the contributions announced today, I am confident that this conference will be a turning point and that the different Sudanese players and the international community can now move forward in the area of development."

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