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Press Release
Jean Asselborn on dialogue with Cuba

Date of release : 31-01-2005

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

Event : General Affairs and External Relations Council

The "General Affairs and External Relations" Council has had an exchange of views on its policy towards Cuba, particularly in view of the liberation of some of the 75 political prisoners sentenced in March/April 2003. Jean Asselborn, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration and President in office of the Council, made the following declaration:

"The ministers have reasserted the importance of encouraging a process of transition towards democratic pluralism and respect for human rights as well as fundamental freedoms in Cuba. The Council has said it is prepared to maintain constructive dialogue with the Cuban authorities so as to achieve tangible results in political and economic areas and the spheres of human rights and cooperation. Furthermore, the Council has decided to develop more intense relations with the peaceful political opposition and with broader layers of the Cuban civil society through enhanced and more regular dialogue.

All measures taken on 5 June 2003 have been temporarily suspended. This decision will be reviewed before July of this year in the light of developments towards democratic pluralism and respect for human rights."

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