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Lucien Lux

Minister of the Environment
Minister of Transport

Lucien Lux was born on 13 September 1956 in Troisvierges. He lives in Bettembourg, is married and has two children.

Like his father Lucien Lux first worked for the SNCFL, the Luxembourg National Railway Company before joining the OGB-L trade union confederation as union secretary in 1978, but left this post - while remaining a union adviser - after being elected as a member of Parliament in 1989. Lucien Lux was re-elected to Parliament in 1994, 1999 and 2004.

Chairman of the Bettembourg branch of the LSAP (Luxembourg Socialist Workers’ Party) from 1986, he became mayor of this town on 1 January 1988 at the head of a socialist majority. He was reappointed to this position in 1993 and in 1999.

At the municipal level Lucien Lux mainly focused and made headway in the fields of environment, development cooperation and gender equality.

As Member of Parliament, he took a special interest in social and family affairs, in employment and labour rights. Lucien Lux served as reporter and co-reporter for the employment bill which introduced compulsory dependency insurance, known as PAN (National Action Plan). He was the author of several bills, resolutions and motions underpinning the LSAP’s political approach to the battle against unemployment.

In 1997, Lucien Lux was confided the important mission of reporter of the Parliamentary Commission for Budget and Finances for the Government’s draft Budget for 1998.

At the party congress in Vianden in March 2002, he was elected Secretary-General of the LSAP, taking on the challenge to organise and see the general election campaign of 13 June 2004 through to a successful end.

Following the general election on 13 June 2004, Lucien Lux was appointed Minister for the Environment and Minister for Transport on 31 July 2004.

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