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Working Document
EU statement in response to the final report by the IEOM Kazakhstan

Date of release : 19-01-2005

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

The EU welcomes the final ODIHR Election Observation Mission Report concerning the Parliamentary Elections in Kazakhstan in the autumn of 2004 and would like to thank ODIHR for its comprehensive work and the quality of the report.

The EU notes that some positive steps have been taken since the elections in 1999. These improvements are largely a reflection of the earlier amendments to the election law. The EU is also pleased to note the openness demonstrated by the authorities to international observation.

Nevertheless, the EU regrets that the election process fell short of OSCE commitments in many respects. Serious shortcomings have been reported such as the lack of transparency in election administration and the lack of the commensurate level of political will necessary to implement the election legislation in an impartial manner. 

The EU was pleased to hear Ambassador Aliev again confirm last week that Kazakhstan attaches great importance to its cooperation with the OSCE and notes the steps taken by the Kazakh authorities in recent years towards meeting OSCE election-related commitments. In view of this, the EU encourages the Kazakh authorities to improve the framework for elections by addressing the recommendations contained in the ODIHR Final Report (such as promoting transparency by announcing final results broken down by polling stations, lifting of restrictions on candidate registrations, comprehensive review of voter lists and the procedures for compiling them) and by taking the necessary steps to ensure that the next Presidential elections fully meet OSCE commitments. The EU stands ready to offer assistance in this regard, in cooperation with the OSCE.

The Candidate Countries Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia* align themselves with this statement.

*Croatia continues to be part of the Stabilisation and Association Process

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