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Closing speech by Mr Jean Asselborn, Deputy Prime Minister, Luxembourg Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration, President of the Council of the European Union

Date of Speech : 22-06-2005

Place : Bruxelles

Speaker : Jean Asselborn

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

Event : International Conference on Irak

Mr Secretary General of the United Nations,

Mr Prime Minister, Mr Chairman of the National Assembly,


Your Excellencies,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

More than eighty countries and international organisations have participated in today's conference, thereby expressing the support of the international community for Iraq and the Iraqi people for the transitional process currently underway. 

We have had particularly productive deliberations and discussions. We now have a better understanding of the vision and the priorities of the Iraqi authorities. On that basis, we have all been able to confirm our willingness to strengthen our support for this transitional period with the aim of making Iraq safe, stable, united, prosperous and democratic, with full respect for human rights. An Iraq that enjoys its full sovereignty.

I believe that today we have succeeded in gathering a large consensus on the way the international community wants to work with Iraq and with the Iraqi people to achieve these aims.

(Formal adoption of the Conference Declaration: I would like you now to adopt the Conference Declaration put before you, which was the subject of a detailed exchange of views. Do I have your agreement on this Declaration?  Thank you.)

I would like to praise the efforts made by all the delegations to bring about the consensus for this comprehensive and ambitious document which demonstrates our will to strengthen our efforts in assisting Iraq, and our determination to cooperate with the Iraqi authorities in the priorities it has given in the three areas central to Resolution 1546 of the United Nations Security Council. This constitutes a strong signal.

The aim is to achieve a democratic, pluralist, federal and united Iraq, reflecting the will of the Iraqi people, and fully respecting human rights. This must be achieved through a political process in which the UN will play a driving role.  It will also be up to the Iraqi interim government to make every effort for this political process to be transparent and open and to guarantee that the results will give full protection to human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the rights of women and of minorities, the objective being to count on a national consensus.

In order to be involved and to trust this process and to look to the future, the Iraqi people need to be aware that the international community is on their side. Today we have given them a renewed proof of that commitment. Together, we have sent out a strong signal that we are committed to this process and that we are determined to stop those who are carrying out indiscriminate violence and unspeakable attacks.

As part of the international community's efforts, Iraq's neighbouring countries play a particularly important role. The success of this process and the stability of their region depend on their unwavering commitment.

We all have something to gain by setting up a true international partnership with a comprehensive approach to security, political, economic and social problems which place the United Nations at the very heart of the reconstruction process. Prolonged insecurity and instability are in nobody's interests. Peace is in the interests of all the Iraqi people, the countries in the region and the international community as a whole.

As the previous speakers have already stated, the three main areas of Resolution 1546 are closely linked and cannot be separated. We have to work together on the political and economic dimensions and on the rule of law and public order in order to achieve our shared objective of a stable, prosperous and democratic Iraq.

Obviously, our work and our cooperation do not come to a close with the closure of this Brussels conference. We have to continue to work together with great determination on this path, namely an international partnership with Iraq in order to achieve our shared goals.

Finally, I would like to thank the co-Chairs of our work sessions, but also all those who participated and contributed to the results of this conference, which promises to provide real impetus to overcome the challenges we are facing. I am confident that together we can make a difference and build a better future for Iraq and for the Iraqi people.

Lastly, I would like to thank the interpreters for their work, as well as everyone who contributed to the organisation of this conference.

The meeting is adjourned.

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