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Final remarks on behalf of the EU at the 13th session of the Commission on sustainable development

Date of Speech : 22-04-2005

Place : New York

Speaker : Jean-Marc Hoscheit, permanent representative of Luxembourg to the UN

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

As a first session of the CSD’s new cycle, CSD13 has a special responsibility in giving a good example for future cycles.

During CSD11 we took the commitment to adopt concrete actions and measures at all levels and to increase international cooperation with a view to promoting sustainable development for all.

This first political session was a major challenge for all of us, both concerning procedures and substance.

The text presented includes major indications concerning sustainable development with a view to contribute to advancing the objectives of the JPOI and the MDGs. The EU was able to support the consensus on this text, even if we think that more ambitious results on some points would have been possible.

We are convinced that the realization of sustainable development is only possible in an integrated approach, based on the three components of sustainable development:

  • economical development
  • social development
  • environmental development protection

as mutually reinforcing and interdependent pillars.

During this key year for development, the CSD must fulfill its mandate to contribute to the September Summit five years after the Millennium Summit by issuing a strong message on the three subjects on the agenda this year, but also on the relevance of sustainable development in general and its three pillars for all the MDGs.

Environmental sustainability underpins the implementation of all the MDGs and the commitments of WSSD. We will not eradicate poverty and reach sustainable development, peace and security if we fail to implement our environmental objectives and realize a sound management of our environment.

The objectives of Johannesburg and the MDGs are complementary and their realization is indispensable to ensure prosperity and security. A proactive and integrated approach is essential in this regard. We wish to emphasize the importance of a precise follow-up mechanism, as well as of intersectorial and transversal issues in view of overcoming the obstacles which constitute a break to sustainable development.

I wish to conclude by thanking all of you.

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