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Press Release
Jean Asselborn at the International Conference on Iraq: "We are determined to fully support Iraqi efforts to achieve a democratic, federal, pluralist and unified Iraq"

Date of release : 22-06-2005

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

Event : International Conference on Irak

At the press conference after the International Conference on Iraqthat took place in Brussels on 22 June, Jean Asselborn, current President of the Council of the EU, made the following statement: "The International Conference that took place today here in Brussels, co-hosted by the EU and the US and organised at the request of the Iraqi Authorities, provided a forum for the Iraqi Transitional Government to present its vision and priorities in the three areas of resolution 1546 (political, economic and rule of law- public order) for the transition period leading up to elections towards the end of this year. 

With the participation of the Foreign Ministers and representatives of over 80 countries and international organisations, this Conference is another strong expression of the support that the international community is lending to Iraq.

I am particularly delighted that, as a further proof of our commitment in assisting Iraq, we were able to conclude our Conference proceedings today with the adoption of a Statement by all the participants.

We are determined to fully support Iraqi efforts to achieve a democratic, federal, pluralist and unified Iraq. We also reaffirmed our commitment to the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. 

All participants emphasized the central role of the UN and reiterated their support to the efforts of the UN Secretary General and his Special Representative for Iraq. Through its expertise and universal nature the United Nations contribution will be crucial to this process.

In our first working session on the political process this morning, co-chaired by Egypt and the UN, the constitutional process featured very prominently. And here we recognised, together with our Iraqi interlocutors, the importance of an inclusive constitutional process, based on national dialogue and nation-wide consensus.

All Iraqis need to have a voice in determining the future of their country. The next few weeks will be particularly important in this respect in ensuring the timely drafting of a new constitution based on a nationwide consensus.

We welcome the fact that various political groupings are represented in the newly formed government. It is crucial that this process of inclusiveness and national dialogue is further continued and strengthened. Efforts should be continued to reach out to all segments of Iraqi society, and namely to all Iraqis willing to renounce violence, in order to promote a genuinely inclusive political process as well as national reconciliation.

Our second working session, co-chaired by Japan and the European Commission, was devoted to economic reconstruction and the integration of Iraq in the World Economy. We are also looking forward to the Meeting of the International Reconstruction Fund for Iraq (IRFI) in Amman (Jordan) on 17 and 18 July, where concrete commitments can be confirmed officially.

Concerning our third working session on the rule of law and public order, co-chaired by the US and the EU High Representative, I would like – first of all - to reiterate our strongest condemnation of all violence directed against innocent civilians and aimed at disrupting the democratic political process.

As you are aware, apart from continued EU financial and humanitarian assistance to Iraq, further support will be given to the political and constitutional process as well as to the training of judges, police and prison officers under the auspices of an integrated EU Rule of Law mission (EUJUST LEX).  Other regional and multilateral partners, including NATO in the framework of its training mission, will also endeavour to assist the building up of Iraqi security capabilities. We welcome all these efforts.

The international community is committed to build a new Iraq, with stability, democracy, human rights and constructive relations with its neighbours.

The EU stands ready to take up these challenges, shoulder to shoulder with Iraq and in a spirit of partnership."

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