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Press Release
Environmental Council to meet in Luxembourg on 24 June 2005

Date of release : 22-06-2005

Policy area : Environment Environment

Event : Environment Council

Lucien Lux, Luxembourg Minister for the Environment, will preside over the Environment Council of the European Union, which will be held in Luxembourg on 24 June 2005.

The Council will first seek to reach a political agreement on two directive proposals on protecting groundwater against pollution and establishing a space information infrastructure in the Community (Inspire).

The Council will be called upon to adopt two draft conclusions on the Community strategy on mercury and on ship decommissioning.

The Presidency will also deal with the regulation proposal on the financing instrument for the environment (LIFE +).

The lunch-debate will be dedicated to climate change, during which the Ministers and the Commissioner responsible for the Environment will have the opportunity to speak on how to begin the post-2012 period negotiations, which will be launched at the end of the year in the framework of the Conference of Parties to the Framework Convention of the United Nations on climate change.

In addition, the Environment Council will hold an orientation debate on the REACH proposal. The Presidency proposes that a set of questions be addressed on the field of application of the authorisation system, allowing for technically and economically viable substances or technologies during the granting of authorisation and the application of conditions related to such authorisation.

On genetically modified organisms, the Council will be called upon to decide on eight decision proposals of the Council whose purpose is to lift safeguard measures taken by five Member States against several varieties of transgenic plants authorised by the European Union (in the case of Luxembourg, this plant in question is corn Bt176), and on a decision proposal of the Council whose purpose is to authorise the sale of transgenic corn MON 863 in the EU.

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