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Press Release
Jean Asselborn calls upon Romania to speed up its preparations for EU accession

Date of release : 14-06-2005

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

Event : EU-Romania Association Council

Following the EU-Romania Association Council held in Luxembourg on 14 June 2005, the current President of the Council of the European Union, Jean Asselborn, expressed his satisfaction with the "steady progress Romania has made since the most recent Association Council meeting, both within the framework of negotiations and with regard to the country’s preparations for EU accession, which brought the negotiations to a close in December 2004 and led to the signing of accession treaty on 25 April 2005 in Luxembourg."

"I wish to point out", the Minister continued, "that the European Council acknowledged that Romania would be in a position, at the time scheduled for the country’s accession, to assume all its obligations and that, within the deadlines set, would carry through the reforms and all commitments it had undertaken within each area of the acquis communautaire, particularly key commitments regarding justice, home affairs, competition and the environment.

Against this background, I should like to call upon Romania to speed up its preparations for accession during the months preceding its definitive entry into the European Union so as to ensure, in particular, respect for the accession criteria.

I am convinced that Romania will do its utmost to assume all the rights and obligations of a Member State in its own right as from 1 January 2007. The European Union will continue to support Romania in its efforts.

I also acknowledge, and this is a very positive point, the progress made with the public administration reform, the legal system and the fight against corruption, which are factors which must be taken very seriously indeed.

Implementation of reforms must be intensified. I am optimistic that Romania can carry through its reforms successfully."

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