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Press Release
Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker meets American President George W. Bush

Date of release : 15-04-2005

Policy area : Economic and Financial Affairs Economic and Financial Affairs

During his visit to Washington for the meetings of the G7 Ministers of Finance and the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and of the World Bank, the Prime Minister and current President of the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker, had a surprise meeting with the American President George W. Bush on Friday, 15 April 2005.

During the Prime Minister’s meeting at the White House with the National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley, President Bush took the opportunity to invite the Prime Minister to join him in the Oval Office for a meeting in which the American Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, also took part.

Several topics were discussed: the Middle East peace process; relations with Russia, especially in view of the summit between the European Union and Russia to take place in Moscow on 10 May 2005; the situation in Kyrgyzstan; as well as recent developments in Iraq.

Jean-Claude Juncker also outlined to the American President Europe’s position on the possible lifting of the arms embargo against China.

In conclusion, Jean-Claude Juncker and George W. Bush agreed to organize a European Union – United States summit in Washington in June.

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