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Press Release
Nicolas Schmit stressed "that is essential to initiate cooperation with Libya in the area of migration"

Date of release : 14-04-2005

Policy area : Justice and Home Affairs Justice and Home Affairs

Event : Justice and Home Affairs Council

The "JHA" Council of 14 April 2005 took note of the report from Commission staff about a technical mission in Libya on illegal migration. This report proposes a certain number of ideas for the development of cooperation in the area of illegal immigration with this State.

"The Ministers discussed this report for the first time today and the outcome shows a willingness to continue along the path of cooperation and intensified cooperation with Libya, which is moving closer to the Barcelona Process," Nicolas Schmit stated, Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs and Immigration.

At this Council, it was decided that this cooperation with Libya should be based on a certain number of principles. For Nicolas Schmit, "the observation of human rights in this State and the rules and principles of the 1951 Geneva Convention must be taken into account, and Libya should be encouraged to cooperate more with the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees." Furthermore, Luxembourg’s Minister for Immigration wished to underscore "that it is very much in our interest to lead Libya toward these values defended by the European Union and to help it put in place institutions capable of implementing them in order to better protect the many refugees who are in that country."

Finally, the "Home Affairs" Council adopted a draft conclusion emphasising the necessity to put in place a mutual information and early warning system between those in charge of migration and asylum policy in the Member States. By late May, it is incumbent on the Commission to introduce a proposal so that the Council can adopt the operation and decide on vputting such a system in place as quickly as possible.

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