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Press Release
Agenda of the European Council on 22 and 23 March 2005

Date of release : 21-03-2005

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

Event : European Council

The Heads of State and Government of the Member States of the European Union will meet in Brussels for the European Council under the Luxembourg Presidency on 22 and 23 March. The meeting will be presided by Prime Minister and current President of the European Council, Jean-Claude Juncker.

Representatives of the Luxembourg Presidency will include the Minister for Foreign Affairs and President of the Council of the European Union, Jean Asselborn, the Minister for the Economy, Jeannot Krecké, as well as the Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs and Immigration, Nicolas Schmit.

The European Council will first and foremost adopt the reforms of the Stability and Growth Pact, following the agreement reached by the Finance Ministers of the European Union on Sunday evening.

The other item on the agenda will be the mid-term review of the Lisbon Strategy: the European Council will be expected to refocus the priorities of the Strategy in terms of growth and employment through synergies between economic, social and environmental dimensions. 

The European Council will also touch on the subjects of sustainable development and climatic change.

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