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Press Release
Jean Asselborn in favour of continuing efforts aimed at the reunification of Cyprus

Date of release : 07-03-2005

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

Event : EU-Turkey (Troika)

At a press conference following the ministerial meeting between the European Union and Turkey, Jean Asselborn stated that he was in favour of continuing the efforts aimed at the reunification of Cyprus so that "as soon as possible all the island’s citizens may reap the full benefit of their accession to the European Union".

"It seems clear to me that a climate of trust and cooperation depends on the two communities themselves. Within this framework, I would favour direct contacts between the partners.

It is correct that the European Union has committed itself to examining and implementing measures to end Cypriotic Turks’ isolation and foster economic development.

The Presidency and the Commission are committed to working together to this end and we know that the amendments to the ‘Green Line’ are not an alternative to freedom and trade.

I believe that the movement that will be triggered by the forthcoming signing of the additional protocol should enable the Presidency to make significant progress in the area of the two regulations that I wish to see enter into force before the end of the Luxembourg Presidency."

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