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Press Release
Meeting of Fernand Boden and Octavie Modert with Philippe Morillon, Chairman of the European Parliament Fisheries Committee

Date of release : 20-01-2005

Policy area : Agriculture and Fisheries Agriculture and Fisheries

On 18 January 2005, Minister Fernand Boden, Chairman of the Agriculture and Fisheries Council, and Secretary of State Octavie Modert, held talks with Philippe Morillon, Chairman of the Commission on Fisheries of the European Parliament.

Questions of prime importance to the Luxembourg Presidency in matters of fisheries were the subject of discussions with Philippe Morillon, who aims to "reconcile fishing's friends and fish's friends" through dialogue and restoration of confidence.

The European Fisheries Fund, a new financial instrument for the sector covering the period 2007-2013, was at the centre of the discussions. Minister Boden and Chairman Morillon jointly noted that the problem of renewing the maritime fleet of the new Member States is an important subject. They also agree that the principles of sustainable exploitation of fish stocks and protection of the maritime environment must be observed.

Fernand Boden clearly demonstrated to Philippe Morillon his desire to come to a political agreement at the Council meeting to be held in June 2005 as to the Commission proposal relating to the European Fisheries Fund. He expressed his hope in front of Chairman Morillon that the important opinion of the European Parliament Commission on this matter can be presented before this deadline.

The European Fisheries Control Agency is another thorny topic. Fernand Boden is aware that the control of fishing activities falls within national competency. However, Mr Morillon believes that a simple and straightforward European regulation on this matters will contribute to the organization and coordination of controls and thus to the preservation of marine resources. According to the opinion of Chairman Morillon, questions relating to traceability and food safety should be addressed as part of the discussions on the control agency.

Both the Minister and the Secretary of State confirmed that even if Luxembourg's national interests in matters of fisheries are minimal, they are nevertheless determined to ensure successful work on fisheries issues.

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