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Press Release
The EU’s overall response: EUR 1.5 billion for the tsunami-hit region

Date of release : 11-01-2005

Policy area : General Affairs and External Relations

On behalf of the Council of the European Union, the Minister for Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, Jean-Louis Schiltz, has taken part in the Donors’ Conference in Geneva on 11 January 2005.

The aim of this UN-Conference was to translate into binding commitments the financial pledges of humanitarian aid announced since the tidal wave struck the countries bordering the Indian Ocean.

At the conference, the minister, speaking on behalf of the 25 Member States the European Union, reiterated their heartfelt compassion for the countries and communities devastated by the tidal wave in Asia.

"Our solidarity will not weaken. The Council of the European Union has confirmed that the overall response of the EU and its Member States will represent a total of around EUR 1,500,000,000, or 2 billion US dollars, in public relief aid", he stated.

The minister also hailed the solidarity of European civil society, who has made exceptional financial contributions. He also paid a fitting tribute to the impressive solidarity of all Europeans.

The minister concluded by stating that the foremost aim was to ensure that the funds made available would benefit those populations concerned over the long term, and in particular those most in need.

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