The Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2005

The Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2005

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Press Release
"Long-term Care for Older Persons": Conference organised by the Luxembourg Presidency with the Social Protection Committee of the European Union

Date of release : 13-05-2005

Policy area : Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs

The Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union, in the framework of the Council of the EU’s Social Protection Committee, is holding a conference entitled "Long-term Care for older Persons" in Luxembourg on 12-13 May 2005.

The growth in the number of elderly people combined with the increase in the age of the elderly represents today a major challenge to the organisation of the entire social security system in the western world. Furthermore, this challenge, which will become an increasingly pressing concern over the next few years, concerns not only social security systems but also every aspect of western social organisation. Long-term healthcare is one of these aspects.

This conference, which covers a social issue which will prove crucial in the 21st century, is organised in the context of work done during recent years at the European level to modernisethe European Social Model and to develop European social policies based on the principles of social justice, social cohesion and equity. It offers an opportunity to take the pulse of long-term healthcare for the elderly in the EU and aims to raise awareness of the measures taken by Member States to make sure the elderly gain the access they need to long-term healthcare. Another objective of the conference is to act as a catalyst for reflection on this issue in the context of an open coordination process.

Luxembourg’s Minister for Health and Social Security, Mars di Bartolomeo and the Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, and Equal Opportunities, Vladimír Špidla will be present together with 200 participants from all EU Member States. Among them will be government representatives from the EU Member States, the members of the Social Protection Committee, representatives of the EU institutions, representatives of government bodies and NGOs from the health and social sectors and social policy experts.

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