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Press Release
Jeannot Krecké: "Europe needs a modern and active industrial policy"

Date of release : 10-05-2005

Policy area : Competitiveness (Internal market, Industry and Research) Competitiveness (Internal market, Industry and Research)

Event : Competitiveness Council

During the lunch preceding the "Competitiveness" Council on 10 May, European ministers in charge of issues relating to competitiveness exchanged views on the new European industrial policy. The conclusions of the Spring European Council pointed out that Europe needs a solid industrial fabric over its entire territory to help boost growth and employment.

On this issue, Commissioner Verheugen outlined the guidelines of the new approach envisaged. Ministers shared the Commission’s intentions.  The future industrial policy will combine the current horizontal approach with sectoral analyses, which will help anticipate challenges and identify opportunities in order to facilitate necessary restructuring operations and enable workers to upgrade their skills.

The Luxembourg Presidency welcomed the new approach to industrial policy, which will be presented by the Commission in July 2005. The Presidency recommended pursuing an active industrial policy, at both Community and national level.  Concluding on this issue, Minister Jeannot Krecké stated "Europe needs a modern and active industrial policy."

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