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Press Release
Competitiveness Council on 18 April: innovation and research as the focus of attention

Date of release : 15-04-2005

Policy area : Competitiveness (Internal market, Industry and Research) Competitiveness (Internal market, Industry and Research)

Event : Competitiveness Council

The Competitiveness Council of the European Union will meet on Monday 18 April in Luxembourg, under the chairmanship of Jeannot Krecké, Luxembourg’s Minister for the Economy and Foreign Trade, and François Biltgen, Luxembourg’s Minister for Culture, Higher Education and Research.

During the informal dinner on the eve of the meeting, the Minister for the Economy will discuss the risks involved in the Kyoto Accord. This debate will be fuelled by a report from Dr Ewringmann, Director of the "Finanzwissenschaftliches Forschungsinstitut" of the University of Cologne. Then, Commissioner Günter Verheugen will present the new, integrated guidelines presented by the Commission following the spring European Council. For their part, the Ministers for Research will have the opportunity to discuss the directions for the Community’s future activities in technological research and development.

During the formal session, the Council will first address a series of questions related to action items resulting from the spring European Council’s conclusions on the "Lisbon Strategy." In this context, the Council will discuss actions the Commission proposed on improving regulations. Next, the Council will hear the Commission’s presentation about the new Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (2007–2013).

Thereafter, the Ministers will look into the basic positioning for creating lasting European tourism.

The Council of Ministers will continue to address points pertaining to the research industry. The Commission will present the European Community’s seventh framework programme in the fields of technological research, development, and demonstration (2007–2013) followed by an initial exchange of ideas within the Council based on a memorandum drafted by the Presidency.

During the luncheon, Commissioner Janez Potocnik will have a discussion with the Ministers about the status of international negotiations over the ITER project, as well as enacting the schedule for completing these negotiations. In the afternoon, during the exchange of ideas, followed by the adoption of related conclusions, the Council will touch on the topic of human resources in the field of technological research and development.

The Presidency will hold a press conference at the conclusion of the Council’s at around 4:30 p.m. A press briefing will be organized at the end of the morning with Jeannot Krecké, the Minister for the Economy and Foreign Trade, following the first work session.

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